Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms: Central to the Cleveland Home

Bathrooms are indisputably one of the most important spaces in any Cleveland area home. Bathrooms are the perfect example of form meeting function. A beautiful, well-designed bathroom is a place where you look forward to performing the basic necessities that start your day. It can also be a relaxing oasis where you can wash away a long day’s stresses and recharge.

Are You Settling for an Outdated Bathroom?

Unfortunately, too many homeowners in Northeast Ohio are living with less-than-ideal bathrooms. Many homes in Cleveland’s suburbs have their original mid-century bathrooms, with outdated fixtures, garish colored tiles, and unreliable plumbing. Other homes in Northeast Ohio have bathrooms that are stuck in the 1970s and 1980s, with plastic shower stalls, light wood cabinets, peeling wallpaper, and ugly linoleum tile. At Cobblestone Construction, we know that homeowners like you deserve better!

cleveland bathroom remodeling contractor
cleveland bathroom remodeling contractors

Designing Bespoke Bathrooms Since 2001

Cobblestone Construction is Northeast Ohio’s expert in all things bathroom remodeling. For nearly 20 years, owner and project manager Chris Spear has helped Cleveland area homeowners realize their bathroom remodel dreams. We have refreshed half baths, remodeled guest bathrooms, modernized outdated bathrooms, and created master en suite bathrooms. Chris listens to each client’s unique goals and guides them through decision making on every aspect of a bathroom remodel, including:

  • Layout & Storage: Bathrooms tend to be cramped spaces, especially if they are shared by several people and used to store all toiletries and linens. Chris will analyze your bathroom’s current layout and determine how it impacts functionality. If needed, he will suggest a new layout that makes the most of its limited space and incorporates custom storage solutions.
  • Interior Design & Vision: Chris helps his Northeast Ohio clients articulate their goals for their bathroom remodel. For some, space efficiency is the primary focus. Others are looking to recreate a high-end spa experience or impress guests with a cutting-edge modern design. Whatever your motivations are, Chris will work with an interior designer to create a bespoke space that is worthy of HGTV.
  • Electrical Work: Your dream bathroom should have quality lighting and enough outlets for all your appliances. Some Cleveland homeowners also want to explore unique features like heated flooring, waterproof speaker systems, and backlit LED mirrors. Cobblestone Construction’s licensed electrician will safely carry out any electrical work.
  • Plumbing: Proper plumbing is essential to any Cleveland bathroom remodel! All plumbing installation for Cobblestone Construction is performed by a licensed and certified plumber.
  • Showers: A new shower is the highlight of a bathroom remodel for many Cleveland homeowners. Depending on your bathroom’s layout and your budget, there are many options to choose from. For shower heads alone, you can select from fixed, rainfall, vertical, or handheld. Then there’s tiling, grout, doors, storage, and water pressure to consider. Chris will guide you through the various options and price points and help you build the ultimate shower!
  • Bathtubs: Like showers, the best bathtubs offer a relaxing spa experience in addition to serving a more mundane function. Because of this, there are wide range of styles, sizes, shapes, and features for any budget. Whether you are looking for the old-world charm of a traditional clawfoot tub or desire a large soaking tub with jets and bubbles, Chris will find the perfect bathtub for you!
  • Toilets: There are an overwhelming number of toilets to select from, from the budget-friendly to the truly high-end. Chris will help you select the best option and oversee its installation with a licensed plumber.
  • Sinks & Vanities: Popular sink and vanity options in Northeast Ohio range from traditional pedestal sinks to modern, sculptural sink bowls. Chris will find the perfect option for your taste, your budget, and your family!
  • Tiling: Tiling is one of the most impactful design features in any Cleveland bathroom remodel. Most modern bathrooms have tiled floors, backsplashes, and walls. Your custom bathroom remodel can feature any color, pattern, or material of tile that your heart desires!
cleveland bathroom renovation contractor
cleveland bathroom renovation contractors

Project Management You Can Rely On

Chris oversees all of Cobblestone Construction’s bathroom remodels. He is on-site every day of active construction, making sure that deliveries of materials arrive on time and subcontractors are completing their scheduled work. At every step along the way, Chris communicates with his clients and acts as their advocate. Cobblestone Construction’s project manager approach ensures that every bathroom remodel is completed on time and on budget, with minimal disruption to our clients’ daily lives!

Let Cobblestone Create Your Everyday Spa

Is your bathroom stuck in another era? Do you long for a spa-like experience in your own home? Cobblestone Construction can help! Contact Chris today to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to helping you realize the bathroom of your dreams!

Building Lifelong Relationships with Clients

  • Cobblestone Construction LLC was very good. The crew was very diligent about leaving the house in tact. The workmanship was top-notch. They made sure to do a good job. They were one of the best contractors I have worked with.

    - Ken B.( Solon Ohio Master Bathroom Renovation )
  • Chris and his team are the most professional, helpful and detail oriented company I have used.

    - Dave and Sandra M.( Novelty Ohio Kitchen Renovation )
  • Very timely. Meets all his commitments to me, and communicates any issues in advance. Very pleased

    - Barbara B.( Kirtland OH In-Law Suite Construction )
  • Chris did such a great job that we asked him to continue work during further renovations of two adjoining rooms.

    - Kay M. ( Cleveland Heights Ohio Major Remodeling )
  • My husband and I are extremely picky. Chris Spear, the owner of Cobblestone, is a consummate professional with an eye for detail.

    - Melissa K.( Cleveland Heights, OH - Bathroom renovation )